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once, i went to the market to buy 5 birds,
because my brother was going on a journey,
and i wanted to wish him good fortune.
but i only had enough money for 1 bird.

i wanted to wait for richard gere,
but then saw this fat boy walking up to me.
he said he wanted to dual soccer with me.
so i told him, okay.

he proceeded to whip out a red and white ball from his back pocket and shouted,
cisse, i choose you!!’

cisse came running out in his blue jersey.

then magically, i felt balls in my back pocket as well (excuse the pun). so i took one out and shouted,
a‘kaka-mon, i choose you!!’

and kaka-mon came running out from around the corner. so i thought, how cOoL!

the fat boy threw out more balls and said,
‘kahn! i choose you!!’

so i also shouted,
‘beckenbauer! GO!’

when i shout beckenbauer, the stupid fat boy laughed at me. basket, he thought my pokemon from gameboy yellow version- already extinct. but beckenbauer did appear, like all the other pokemon, and ran up to join my team. the look on fat boy’s face was priceless.

so we played.
and then kaka-mon tried to act smart. he tried to score but had his shot deflected by goalie. after that fat boy’s team gained possesion of the ball and eventually scored.

then my mother shouted at me to go home…

when i did, i saw 10 000 birds’ shit on my neighbour’s house. then i remembered why- i forgot to tell richard gere my address.

if you catch no ball,
try this:

if it still doesnt work, sense of humour is rather exhausted from the lack of sleep. i think i’ll be staying up to watch the match tonight. ah heck, ill sacrifice and sleep during econs lecture tomorrow.


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