wo shi min, ni shi zu

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how traumatic, i failed chinese by 3 and a half marks. and thats not really why im so tramatised. rather, i am one of the miserable 3 people who failed in my class. honestly sometimes, i really hate being in SC2.

to think i managed to bluff my way into getting an A1 for O level chinese. JC chinese sux. so much for ‘teach less, learn more’…

on the other hand, i topped the class by getting full marks for bio MCQ (only). lol a small deal nonetheless, but a great cheering up after receiving my devastating chinese results.

and we have a new chemistry teacher.

well, i didnt expect him to be just as nice as the last temporary teacher, who looked like a carrot. the moment he opened his mouth to introduce himself, all my hopes of ever trying to slack in chem class were dashed.

he rattled off a whole list of rules, like all other new teachers trying to be tough on their first day. the difference was, he really looked like he meant business.

while explaining his preference for democracy, he quoted the chinese phrase ‘min zu’, which when loosely translated (since you really cannot trust my chinese anymore), means ‘people-leader’. its supposed to have some democratic meaning in that somehow.

seconds after he so proudly quoted the democratic phrase, he insisted that we all have yellow files for chemistry. when someone suggested we have blue instead, he rejected the request completely and justified it by saying: ‘ni shi min, wo shi zu’ (you are people, i am leader)

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so that is why, tomorrow im going down to popular to buy chairman mao’s yellow file for chemistry.

ah PE today was ultimate fun

since most of us were in the world cup mood,
we decided to play soccer.

we were divided into 2 teams and only girls were allowed to score. i was in the team with 3 guys (one of whom plays pro soccer for a club), versus the other, who only had ronald and joel.

we were pwned 3-0 nonetheless.
i only forgot to mention that the other team had mighty (and secretely good at football) melinda and dawn. melinda eased through the first 2 goals and dawn finished the last one in a span of 30 minutes. talk about major ownage.

i swear i really suck at football la. half the time i was just kicking blindly. once i tried tackling ronald (wrong choice, trust me i stayed away from him for the rest of the match), and i got shoved onto the groud. that awarded me my free kick. basket, free kick also kick out. so lau kui. i tried scoring a couple more times, but didnt get a single goal.

but like all things im bad at, i have to have excuses to save myself. so here’s a list of why i didnt score the bloody goal.

1. the width of the goal post was so so small!
imagine, ronald was comfortably lying down on the grass, covering the entire width of the scoring area, and easily stopping every single attempted shot.

2. the inactive players from both teams just decided to gather outside our goal. so everytime the ball reached the opposite side, it was just kicked around in the mass of people and eventually, kicked back home.
so you tell me, how to score?

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3. the other end, our end, was completely empty ):
but of course, melinda-beckham’s and dawn-van der vaart’s goals were beautiful. this shows that watching joga bognito vidoes on itunes and practising ball skillz at home really works well for you.

4. boys weren’t allowed to score. and the boys were really better at soccer. aiyar paiseh, i suck.

5. everyone was calling me TORRES (:
then my head become bigger than the ball, so gravity wasn’t in my favour.

6. annabelle Also decided to play soccer 2 metres away from our playing field. no wonder i missed.

thankfully, there were no hurt groins or crying girls. cassy’s attempt to score like a c.ronaldo was pretty good, only that it hit the wrong goal post. lol.

anyway, i hope we get to play again next week. soccer under the hot sun gives me nice rosy cheeks.


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