the root causes of war

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i came back early from rec squash training to find my brother sitting outside our house, key-less, bags and all, looking utterly pathetic. he had better thank me for my timely return, since he only had been waiting for 2 minutes.

i rehearsed (what other word can i use) chinese oral. omg i zao-xia the hanyu pinyin like siao. i’ll probably end up scaring the pee out of the poor chinese examiners next tuesday.

and im currently pouring through my government & politiks GP package. oh, i was born to read this stuff!

7 Root Causes Of War

1. dawn’s mighty fart: the size of hiroshima’s nuclear mushroom.

2. melinda’s darling’s face: the aftermath of hiroshima’s nuclear mushroom.

3. my report slip, which reads ‘FUCFUC’

4. hot yong tau foo soup on fingers.

5. cassy and a canoeing paddle.
btw i’ve googled ‘canoe‘. lol and it really is what it is- not a kayaking paddle. oh, i certainly do apologise for that major blonde moment.

6. portugal wins the world cup.

7. dawn watches portugal win the world cup


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