just my luck

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chem totally pwned the guts out of me

i thought the paper was 2 hours, so i had 15 marks worth of questions left when the examiner said ’10 minutes left’. if you cant call it fucked, i dont know what else you can call it.

its over anyhoo,
so much for 4 As plus 2A1s. lol!

i think the only grades i’ll be C-ing are Cs,
or worse, Ds, Es, Fs and Us.

after the devastating chemistry paper, mel, cassy and i went downtown to cine to have lunch. ate at oily long johns.

i was planning to give it a chance to redeem itself since i never quite liked eating there, but im sorry. long john’s oily fries and hard chicken sark. shit la, imagine all the damn fats i’ve consumed in that black styrofoam plate alone. horror horror..

duh, i didnt ring the bell after that.

well then mel and i watched just my luck, while cassy (because she has ADHD) chose to go home and cook rice.

just my luck! is like any other teeny bopper show, but i likE! because teeny boppy shows always have cute guys and girls.

oh well i suppose lindsay lohan is quite chio. i saw a whole bunch of 13-14 year old boys in berms and faded tees entering the cinema with us. and i bet they really wanted to watch lindsay-fakebigboobs-lohan strutting about with luck on her side.

but theres also chris pine! whos so pitifully shoved out of view in all the posters and promotional pictures for the movie. i had such a hard time surfing google image trying to find a proper picture of him.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
how kewt!

and as usual, teeny boppy movies with teeny boppy cliched storyline. not that bad, because unlike dumb korean movies, lovers do not die. they live happily ever after!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
lohan give me some of your luck plspls?

a couple of OC stars were also starring in the movie. remember anna (far right in the picture), seth’s almost gf, who’s twice as chio as lindsay lohan.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and luke, the toyboy, who ressembles an un-green hulk
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ah happily ever after!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and mcfly, who also starred in the movie, are so kewl! i want to grow up and play in a band just like them! except now, i can only manage 1/4 the drum beat in greenday’s a boulevard of broken dreams, using chopsticks. :/

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

haha after the movie, i was feeling this tinge of luck you know. its this magical-inspirational feeling you have when you walk out of cliche movies- like whatever happened there could actually happen to you. well anyway we were walking around cine, and then we saw bad view! and paddle-gang. haha! okay my exclamation marks are all in the wrong place. but! that! was! how! excited! i! was!

luck, as you might call it.

it was a brief encounter anyway. i waved to guoxi and made my way home, never once oggling at badview. (as much as i would’ve liked to, for fear of being exposed)

college crushes are like pains in your butthole

oh well what a long long entry. i did however, take the time to fill it with pictures, since my recent entries were getting a little wordy.


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