hello? im michael

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1. im sitting here online staring at my msn messenger list of people from my class who are online. and it reads 3/24.

2. i just received a message from cassy asking me how to form the equation between urea and ethanoic acid- something i still cant quite figure out how to do yet.

3. we dont have a paper until friday


i miss being in 4/4, when the prelims were still being treated like some pop quiz. well, at least the atmosphere wasnt so tensed, especially when you are supposed to be relaxing and watching crazy videos on youtube.

speaking of youtube… after being tipped off by dawn today, i went to search ‘acjc’ on youtube, and found newly-uploaded grainy videos of people stuffing sushi into their mouths.

this first guy (whose identity i wont reveal because he doesnt know me) managed to stuff 2 sushis into his mouth, being a complete wuss while doing so. he had to cover his rice-exploding mouth with a tissue, before spitting everything out. lousy!

second guy, bez! (melinda would agree lol)
he stuffed one sushi,
two sushis,
and a third sushi!

when it came to the third sushi he had to practically pull his cheeks out to stuff the sushi in. he obviously has one hell of a huge mouth, though he doesnt smile much.

and after linking here and there, i found more grainy videos of the first guy. this time, he was in two videos entitled ‘nasal sex’ and ‘audio sex’. wah piang- if you closed your eyes and only listened to the sound effects on a fully blasted speaker, you would have thought it was another tammy video, only now its brokeback.

crap. thinking about it makes me want to spit out my chicken rice from dinner. watch it if you want, but viewers’ discretion is advised.

anyway something else happened!!

see when i was going for dinner,
i received a call:

person: hello michelle?
me: hello, yes?
person: this is michael
me: (woah shit! must be stupid zhong khoo) huh?
person: hello? michelle? this is michael.
me: (cannot be la, voice not so high) er who is this?
person hangs up.

and i blanked for the next 10 minutes, thinking i really had a bout of lindsay lohan’s luck in ‘just my luck’. well that lasted until the person (whom actually, was a friend from a long time ago, and whose number ive lost) messaged me back to say that he called the wrong michelle.

this is a sign, i think.

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