exam fever

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oh yes indeed,
i am on my way to enjoying another J1 orientation next year.

lets see, i screwed GP, chinese and econs. okay la surprisingly bio kind of went alright- considering how i used to completely flunk the subject in secondary school. now all i have left is chem: which i wont pull off, and maths: getting owned by AP and GP again.

on the brighter side, 2 more papers left, and a week to freedom!

econs paper was omgwtfbbq. first of all, i had a hard time understanding the concepts while studying yesterday. and as usual, i panic! all through last night, waking up occasionally and finding myself dreaming about marginal cost and price elasticity. well at least my nightmares are more varied now, i used to only dream about electrons and protons during the O levels.

it also completely sucked that i had to be sitting in the badminton hall, instead of the multi purpose hall. obvious reasons..

well at least i didnt have to sit next to the disgusting RV stalker. lol!

i sat next to ronald instead.

ronald is one strange person that you should never sit next to in exams, simply because hes super distracting.

he got super kan chiong doing the paper that he flung almost half the contents on his table off onto the carpeted floor. also, i have no idea why, but he has this thing for touching his chest. and towards the end of the paper, it seemed like his hand muscles were feeling rather strained from all the writing. so he stopped writing, and started flinging his wrist about wildly, as if to shake off a hugeass lizard with extra sticky pads on its feet.

not bad, at least for this paper, he didnt have time to touch his abs. apparently during the bio paper, he kept feeling his toned stomach abs- maybe checking for the properties of collagen.

great start to a term anyhow, if you’re talking about other events (involving a certain badview) that have happened (:


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