how to study for gp

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im still here online, a day before the mighty bighty terms, starting with GP and chinese. -only because i have no idea how to study so that i wont fail tomorrow.

as for GP, failing is inevitable. i got 0/9 for the last application question i did during the GP mock. and my vocab is averaging about 1/5, even after doing all that stupid right word vocab exercises.

chinese. i cant imagine why i would do well without tuition. anyway ive quite given up on the useless subject. simply because i suck at it, and there’s nothing my chinese teacher or i can do about it. i was not born to be chinese-inclined. the A1 at Os was seriously tyco.

what a start to term 3. but if you look on the bright side, if i fail GP and chinese again for promos, i’d be having J1 orientation again next year.


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