mango chaos

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not bad! thanks to my mum i had to golden opportunity to go down to town for the mango sale.

but it sucked.

1. so messy!! i buay tahan.
all the clothes were strewn everywhere, and im the lazy sort of shopper whos simply reluctant to squeeze through crowds of crazy shoppers just to find that golden top.

amid the mad rush, i saw a couple young kids all around, suffocated by the many many women. and there were random boyfriends standing around feeling sickeningly out of place.

at the first floor (shaw mango) there were truckloads of too large and too omgwtfbbqugly tops. so i skipped that. i only picked a brown racer for $13, only to realised when i got home, that it was in the L size, no wonder so loose. lol! i thought M.

well, i hope it shrinks when i wash it. mango stuff always do, somehow. i remember the red racer i got in the S size. after washing it became XXS. so now its rotting somewhere in my cupboard. anyone wants? i sell you for $5 – even cheaper than mango sale!

2. not my taste
on the upper level, they had all the old mango stock. so there were things like ugly unsaleable denim skirts going at $50 (still so ex huh) and crumpled granny dresses going at $80.

anyway the upper level was quite scary. everyone was just trying on clothes outside the fitting rooms because the queue to the fitting rooms was super long.

after awhile i got tired of looking for more clothes in the mad rush, so my mum paid and we left.

what an overrated sale anw..
& sales suck because there are so many people.

Beautiful boys on a beautiful dancefloor
Michael, you’re dancing like a beautiful dance whore


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