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i koped this from melinda’s blog. and since i have no starhub worldcup channel, finished watching the entire season of lost, the OC and my rain korean drama (where both rain and his lover froze to death. bloody hell, korean dramas). i am bored and so im going to do this lame shid.

-the victim has to come up with 8 different things about his/her perfect lover
-tag 8 other victims

so, “my perfect lover” is:

1. bloody humorous
and im not talking about dry, tasteless humour that i have to poke my ribs really hard to enjoy. has to be genuinely funny, not rehearsed from the ‘1000 funniest jokes to tell your girlfriend’ book.

2. has to love me, duh.

3. sporty
sporty kind of equates to good physique right!, which equates to abs like rain (: alternatively, if you have good pool skillz, also can! then you can teach me and i can own joel next time.

4. the lead singer and gutarist in a band!!
a man with good vocal chords is sometimes even better than his abs. unless you are talking about you-know-who and his deep baritone voice.

5. charming
able to sweep me off my feet,
whenever, wherever.

6. decent looking
okay la i mean no offence, but i really dont want to be waking up next to a troll for the rest of my life. he doesnt need to be too good-looking as well, otherwise girls will steal him. lol.

7. doesnt bitch like a girl
2 pmsing people wont make a relationship work

8. loyal and faithful
you cheat and you will see the mark of my stiletto heel on your precious face.

of course there is more to perfect than just those 8 qualities. but at this rate im going, i will remain an ugly spinster for the rest of my life. so best to have no expectations at all.

anyhow, i tag:
amanda ang, gen, cassy, roseann, jessie, and nicole ds
(cant think of 2 more people)

but of course, you dont have to do it if
world cup>my quiz


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