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omg chicken wings were good stuff yet so salty. i cant believed i downed about 5 to 6 of them at 4/4’s long awaited barbeque. along with an otah, chicken, garlic bread, and countless satays. in so, drinking cup after cup of ant-infested fruit punch.

which wasnt so bad actually.

after long periods of awkard silences, we finally sat around to have proper gossip sessions. like old times..and things havent changed, really. world cup, new school, new boyfriends, and new ex-boyfriends = just about enough to sum up our interesting lives. rather, my ex-classmates’ interesting lives.

i dont even need to begin to talk about how sad my social life is. oh well, but that story is for another day.

i managed to catch a glimpse of vernice (mr ng’s new arrival) though. awfully kewt, until she starts to cry. according to roseann, babies’ crys sound like cats mating- an image i dont really intend to piece together.

trefford, mr ng’s attention-deprived dog is now furless and wears a dog shirt. he got scolded for dragging down the baby pram. i dont think he’s very happy. i mean trefford and not mr ng.

good bbq anyway. at least there was still some sort of a class gathering even though only half the class turned up. only because back in ij, half the class = 40/2 = 20

when now in AC half the class = 25/2 = 5

shit im tired. i woke up at 6 am this morning to have gp lesson from 8 to 12. bigass waste of my precious sleeping time. remember! only 4 more days left to enjoy sweet slumer till 9 am.

hope portugal owns mexico.

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