a love to kill

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it feels like my holidays have just begun. i’ve taken to watch another korean drama- the evil thing that distracted me from studying bio during the O levels last year. luckily i still managed to tyco that B3.

i’m only watch it because:
1. theres rain! ❤ (his fkface really grows on you)
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2. i needed a break from the real world, to soak myself in something quite as cheesy and out-of-this-world as a korean love drama.
3. studying is boring my life drastically.

and a love to kill, its typical of any korean drama, loosely-translated english drama title, handsome men, botox-collagen-face women and one big problem that ends up killing either one of the main characters. im crossing my fingers its not going to be rain.

i hope my mum gets korean-krazed enough to bring us all to korea for some winter fun in december. but everyone else who’s been there told me that the koreans on the street are not even remotely close to looking as good as the ugliest korean actor. if you are really lucky, you might see a couple of jins (lost) around. otherwise, a big waste of $.

perhaps ill just stick to watching the koreans play football. and if im very very lucky, park ji-sung might look like rain from certain camera angles.


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