benchwarmers 4 life

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today was our official class outing. but only if you could call it a ‘class’ outing, with just 5 of us who cared to turn up. but its definitely 5 times the fun compared to any proper class outing we’ve ever had.

so zhong, vivian, melinda, joel and i went to watch benchwarmers at ps. it was really quite awkard, being in a small theatre surrounded by lovey-dovey couples. when it came to the funny parts of the movie, it was only us 5 idiots laughing like shit. everyone else too busy making out in the dark, i suppose. anw benchwarmers was shit funny. nerdz 4 life!

later we went to meridian to pool. i havent pooled in such a long time. my god, i sarrrk! i managed to tyco 2 balls in somehow. but that was only when i got a foul ball. the rest of the shots were fouled. shitZu.

so for the next hour, vivian and i watched joel and zhong play like proz. well, that was until zhong’s friends turned up and played with joel. then the guy pawned joel like siao. until joel damn buay song. they probably played like 3 more games until joel was resigned to his sad fate. i think if joel played with me, he would have pawned me anyday, anytime.

when melinda finished her drums, we went for dinner at manhatten fish market (or something along that lines). ate, bitched and laughed- its hardly what anyone from scowts would be seen dong, but we are the differents. lol. but the only different part of the differents is, they are smart. i am smart by luck. and im not that lucky.

now i have a huge migraine from all the mad fun. okay it wasnt madly fun. maybe some other time, probably: the differents, football, daidee and some alcohol.

meanwhile, im going to enjoy the rest of my sunday watching lost episode 23.


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