uzap, ushit

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trust me, the first time you ever strap on the 2kg OSIM uZAP belt to your waist and activate it, will be the last time you ever think about how glamourous it is to zap off fats and look like fiona xie.

the moment the belt starts vibrating, everything else from your legs to the uZAP remote control starts vibrating. everything that can possibly jiggle, will jiggle.

i stood there for awhile, figuring out whether sitting or standing would look better. and then i figured, perhaps i should sit and hide this vibrating shit away under the table.

to sum up the whole experience:
uzap, ushit.

well i sat there stupidly for some agonising 10 minutes, enduring the urge to puke and shit. i think it has something to do with being seasick. anyway, point is, i’d rather summit myself to acjc mass PE any day than strap on that laxative, green belt for killer abs.

fun nonetheless. i was over at gen’s house mugging for the big terms, like old times. when it was time for lunch, we trooped to bishan macs.

and there, i saw the infamous 156/RI paedophile. lol. he was in work wear and reading papers, though half the time, he was staring off in some other direction in search of cute boys in tight white shorts with taut bottoms. worse still, he was grinning so widely while scanning the surroundings.

gen got freaked out so we moved to sit somewhere else haha.

i finished studying periodicity, atomic structure and abit of GP politiks package, although productivity did decrease sharply after lunch. i think it has something to do with that half bottle of barcardi lime i drank.


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