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yesterday was the much-awaited acs idol, for many reasons.
firstly, it was a chance to see everyone again, especially a certain badview. lol.
secondly, it was well, acs idol. rather, i cant think of another reason to justify my statement.

but before that, i went down to meet melinda and deborah to watch she’s the man.

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ironically, as cliche as the movie was, it turned out to be the best out of the 3 movies that i’ve seen this week. the cheesy and teeny boppy storyline gives that bit of hope, that something good might actually happen in my mundane youth-hood.

like channing tatum. ❤
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actually he sort of looks like another one of beckhams clones. but hez hawt.

anyway we had nydc for dinner, before cabbing down to make it in time for ACS idol. we still got lousy seats anyway. so we sat around trying to spot people in the dark dark hall for half an hour more, before the show finally started.

a disappointment really. joseph, the ACJC choirboy, should have won. but then again, i was too lazy to vote for anyone. and i thought someone else was going to vote for him. and that he’ll probably win without my vote anyway. just that i didnt expect that along with me, 50-odd other people were also thinking the same thing. SO maybe that’s why he didnt win.

instead, some sec 2 indian guy from barker, who sings only half as well as joseph, won it. tyco, i’d tell you. if not for his bollywood family clan, who took up 3 rows in front of us, who would stand up and cheer wildy everytime he sang (saris and all), and who probably voted 50 smses each for him: thats 50 x 21 = 1050 votes. THAT’S probably how he won.
(*no racist connotations)

oh well. better luck next year.

anyway half the time, i was busy trying to snap photos for the stupid chinese project. i have unofficially become the project photographer and powerpoint editor. why am i not surprised?

ah well and the singing kinda bored me after awhile. i think i might have ADD. or worse still, ADHD.

the aftermath:

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from left: myself, saxy melinda,
pretty lily and crazy deborah

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i look fgross here. ew.

so that should end my eventful friday.

ah tomorrow would be half a day out in Singapore’s all-year-round summer sun, in the lovely siloso beach of sentosa. only that i wont be in anything less skimpy than fbts and a fugly shirt.

im actually there on blackmail (over a pair of mango jeans) to help my mother run errands at KKH family day. you know, maybe it wont be so bad after all.

day out at the beach with my ipod nano, a good shirt + fbt tan and nice rosy cheeks. what a great way to start the holidays.

so goodnight now. i have to get up at an unearthly 5:30 am tomorrow.


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