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you know there are these times when you dont even know whether to cry or laugh? well, today was just one of those times.

i got a reply from SBS regarding my permission to conduct and interview with them for project work. only on the flip side, it was a rejection email.

i dont get it, how tiring can an interview possibly be? i mean compared to entertaining complaining commuters’ (often ridiculous) demands, you pick that over answering an email interview with only 7 questions?

oh wont you share my woes.

on other matters, i went to watch X-men III with melinda today. ahh it was worth $5, all the CGI or whatever you call it animation things they do. but it was quite overrated. all the people (that my brother so kindly informed me) who were supposed to die were already dying in the first hour, so you would expect that there would be nothing left to fight about for the remaining part of the movie. and to melinda’s deepest disappointment, angel-boy only had screentime equivalent to that of when i performed at national day in 2002.

jean grey became fugly because she is eveel. and rouge is even fuglier because her white streak isnt really quite fashionable now- even storm has a coolio haircut la. and i realised cyclops looks horribly mutantish without his laser shades.

haha you really have to see. theres this mutant on the eveel side, who is some anoerexic indian woman (because i saw she had boobs) who looks like an indian man! ironically, her powers isnt her ability to look androgynous. rather, she sends out shockwaves, knocking out a massive number of people.

ah well, as you would guess, good triumphs over eveel. and yes, there IS going to be another sequel. you had to stay till after the credits to find out.

X-men IV: stand up again (lol)

on an even brighter note (and only if zhong khoo wasnt kidding cassy and me), today i wouldve received my very first invite to a real un-underaged party (vaunt @ MOS) on a guest list, which means that we get to go in for free. only that i didnt go. lol i told you, i have no ballz. i think ill wait until im legal-eagle before i make my grand entrance into one of them clubs.

tomorrow i finally get to watch da vinci code. this reminds me, i need to start mugging cell division notes soon.


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