anabelle stalker

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first it was a classmate picking his nose furiously, now its a boy with a brown bag and gross hair stalking me.

how interesting can my school life get?

on a brighter note, i managed to pon half of school for bowling quartets. woah joel is gosu-godlike when he bowls, especially with his darth vadar glove. lol. his expression after a strike is even more priceless. it screams everything from MONSTER KILL to SCREW UPSIDE DOWN (SUD)!! ive never quite seen so much expression on joel before.

too bad AC still got pwned by SA and raffles, though joel is heading for the grand masters tomorrow. may there be more monster strikes for him. lol.

for some reason as well, the entire guys team painted their nails gothic-black. for good luck i think. it did them a bit of good i suppose, one quartet team got second overall.

of course, i got to see gen bowl as well. and poey and his emo fringe (that is longer than mine) over at the raffles area.

anyway there were these 3 SA people standing by themselves in the mass of AC people. if that wasnt extra enough, throughout the entire thing, they were grumbling about how deafening our screams were. i was sure that by the 3rd strike and the 3rd ‘OMG AHHHHH!!!! GO ACCCC!!’, they would have left. but noooo, stupid fellows remained drowned in the AC crowd, stuffing their fingers into their earholes everytime we cheered. the amount of wax they dug out today alone is probably enough to power the whole of USA for a year.

i was supposed to go back to IJ today for the AC outreach programme, its where you try to persuade your juniors to come to AC. the couple of the other IJ people chosen to come along were people i didnt know. hence, i didnt feel comfortable enough to go down with them. and anyway, luckily i had chinese listening and oral to excuse myself.

sadly, ij is a part of me thats gone away. i dont really have anything or anyone to return for. everyone i know has moved on and away from ij.

enough emocrap already.

last day of school!
last day to see badview!
now im really depressed.


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