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apart from catching a classmate digging his nose during gp today, my monday was pretty much the blewz.

anyway this person who was digging his nose provided quite abit of entertainment during the mundane gp lesson. i couldnt quite believe he stuck his whole finger in though, completely obvious of everything and everyone else around him. i hope it was a satisfying dig. lol.

later during recess he made contact with a sweet box, which i happen to be so unfortunate to touch. i hope he washed his hands.

if he reads this, well…
too bad.

ah after practising abit of chinese orals (i am so sudding it, where sud = screw upside down) i got down to reading thrashy 17 mag. wah piang, none of the stuff in there pertains to my sad unhappening jc life. there you have, pages and pages of stupid tall models with legs the length of my height and waists the size of my wrists. and they look chao good in any bikinis. shit and here i am thinking, if i ever wore that i’d cause world war III.

urban newspaper is one more idiot magazine to make you feel damn louzy about yourself. apparently its june and summer-hit-the-beach time, though i dont get why they call it summer since its summer all year long in singapore. besides, you could always drag your ass down to sentosa if you really wanted to. why june?

anyway urban recently featured about 50 plus bikinis that cater to each body type. but obviously when they said ‘body type’, they conveniently left out the requirement that you got to be inclined in either the boob or butt area. hence, flipping through that section was a big waste of my time.

last week of school. i dont even know whether i want to be having holidays stuck at home studying my butt off for terms or hanging out in some remote area in sentosa tanning.

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