10 things i dont get

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10 things i dont get

1. why boyz are short. everytime i wear my non marking shoes for PE i am an inch taller (something to do with the super thick shoe sole) so being the nice person that i am, i dont want to damage the male ego. so naturally i end up slouching during assembly, especially if i stand next to a guy. lol.

2. why stupid school didnt let SC classes pon school to watch netball finals. at this rate i think the next finals they’ll send us to watch is for strategic games club- chess finals.

3. why toilet aunties are so bitter.

4. why teh bing tastes so good. (not teh ni. whatever that shit is you sickoez)

5. why we cant get a house with a pool as the venue for class outing so that we can play water rugby (we will pwn boyz!) like the cool happening class of amanda ang’s. but melinda’s pond would do just fine, i think.

6. why bad view hasnt asked me out yet.

7. why the squash coach tells me that i have a natural swing right after i miss a shot.

8. is $20 per month enough to make people say such nice things about me? in that case, maybe i need to pay lao shi $20 this month to let me pass promos oral.

9. why apgp is still in the maths syllabus.

10. why zhong khoo(who is able to verbalize all his feelings, sad/excited/gay, with the same expression, ‘fuck’) has taken to calling me lianz just because i had an offensive ‘fuck apgp’ on my msn nickname.

11. why you bothered to scroll all the way and read this shit. lol. this is a good sign actually. it means that i have a 51% chance of becoming a famous blogger who is paid to blog. then every word you are reading now is approximately worth $10.


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