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sheed man. we had to watch some awfully gruesome video on the slaughter of animals for food. namely pigs, cows and chickens. the main idea of the video was to influence people to turn veggies. ironically immediately after the gp period was our break. and i ordered teh ping (with milk) while dawn was eating sausage bread. lol.

you see its a vicious cycle.

if we dont kill animals and eat them. they’ll overpopulate and affect the food chains of the other animals in the lower end of the complicated food web. so this justifies that we should eat animals. lol.

just maybe not kill them so brutally. stock up on the anethestics. no blood. no pain. world peace plz~*

okay i honestly should shut it before animal rights activists start spamming my site.

and then i thought about it. what if i should become vegetarian for a day. helps you cut quite abit of carbo from your diet right? maybe if i veg for about 2 months, i’d look like

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and i’d have Great abs.
girlz and boyz like great abs.
i should know.

but give it another 1 year and i’d look like

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

then i’d have something other than my squash racket to strum on. maybe afterwards i’d be tempted to eat ribs. lol get it, ribs. RIBS? hahaha

i think i’ll stick to being an omnivore.


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