cmi class outing

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i admire my brother’s l33t skillz in party planning. thing is, he always manages to plan a successful party that usually
1. isnt at his house
2. no one wants to go for initially
3. involves boring stuff like football

he calls his friend up and this is all that i hear from his conversation: calvin kum. i want to play soccer.
go your house eh..
i dont care
go your house
i dont care
i will bang down your door later
you better open the door
i will smash your door with my ball and hit your balls ah i tell you
you open the door ah..
eh call yanky ming yang and tau huay (and various other strange sounding names that ive not heard of in 16 plus years of my life) come eh
okay see you #$&*er

and there you have it, a p6 class gathering of the boys from guangyang primary school class 2003.

and almost immediately when he left, it started to rain. turns out, they came up with a rainy day plan almost effortlessly – to play xbox and pokemon cards.

shit. and after wasting 15 messages trying to persuade the class to have a ‘class lunch’ tomorrow, i only managed to get 3 people who can go. fuck la, damn pek chek can.


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