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today was very productive. i finished gp essay and 2 chinese essays. therefore i am online and bored to tears waiting for OC season 3 episode 22 to load. i know, channel 5 is really lagging. did i mention that im already watching LOST season 2 episode 20? lol

then i made a mistake by going to check out a certain girl’s friendster. (after hearing how infamous she has become at AC) lets just call her cmislut.

the thing about cmislut’s friendster is that it blinds you. it doesnt just blind you, it blinds you completely, literally. you’d be laughing so hard that tears start clouding your vision and you become blind. the next day when you wake up, your eyes are sore and bloodshot.

come to think of it, my eyes feel a little itchy right now. shithell.

cmislut posted about um 30 pictures of mostly, herself. as in self-taken narcissistic shots. i know everyone has a narcissist in them. i just caught my brother taking act-cute pictures of himself today with his camera phone. and just the other day, i took a picture of myself. so i get it, everyone has a hidden narcissist. (yes, even you cassy)

but omg i have never quite seen anyone as cmi as cmislut posting so many narcissistic shots of herself. these shots included her in specs, without specs, in make up (i suspect she had it on just to camera whore), smiling, pouting, in the AC uniform, and generally doing a really bad role play of an FHM girl next door advert.

to be politically correct: just exactly what is she trying to portray herself as?
to be politically incorrect: fuck she is damn fugly! even despo ah pek also donwan.

okay thats all for my one hellova bitchy entry. lol. at least if she chances upon my blog and reads this, it might occur to her that maybe she ought to take down all those offensive pictures and stop causing an eyesore pandemic on friendster.

if it doesnt work, ill get joe fai to report her to friendster authorities, just like he did with that gay guy who tried to add him.


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