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while waiting at bishan mrt for gen, i saw a slutty junior, juvenile pda-ing couples and my uncle. and i thought, damn it is really a sucky day to be out on vesak day public holiday.

and then everything changed..

finally when gen came we trained down to town, where we sat at nydc waiting for weixin to arrive. when she finally did, we ate a hearty meal of mushroom ham and three amigos baked rice. afterwards, we shared a sinfully delectable mudpie. shit, i really need to work it out at PE and squash this week. all the evil calories taking over my body.

then we were spotted by jessie and roseann, who were pigging out themselves at fish and co. i think jessie has grown an inch. or is it that just my warped vision. considering how i have strange taste in everything from food to eye candy. lol.

oh well, after that we shopped around far east for awhile. and gen and i got cute studs for school. somehow, maybe my new penguin earrings will help improve my luck at school. that includes getting lau shi to stop picking on me just because i stone during chinese.

weixin had to leave so we also left town for orchard. as i walked past subway, i spotted a group of ac canoeists, the girls. they looked out of the window and stared at me. but i didnt know any of them, plus i was feeling anti-social, so i didnt wave.

at bishan, i caught sight of the canoeing guys. (:

gen and i decided to go eat cheng teng upstairs. halfway through, 3 guys got up from the canoeist table and walked past our table. they recognised me and were staring, espeically so for cheep cheep. cheep cheep is some guy who looks like a bird, hence the nickname. lol.

honestly, there are times when i have felt like digging cheep cheep’s eyeballs out and making him eat his bird shit. and today happens to be one of them.

anyway when they returned, guo xi (from chem class) smiled and waved to me.

bad view was there too (:

so gen and i continued with our chat, constantly interrupted by jonan’s wildcry over at the canoeists’ table. we left when we finished our cheng teng and headed home.

therefore, i guess going out on a public holiday makes it all worthwhile. but only if you’re at the right place at the right time. lol.

lucky luckyy

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