dorky’s lips

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melinda gave me an idea for the title of our band’s first hit song. so i had abit of spare time (after studying econs, chem, gp, maths, chinese and bio) to come up with the lyrics.

Dorky’s Lips

she snapped out of her slumber,
hopped on the bus to school.
she hoped she wouldn’t stumble,
today she was going to be cool.

and then suddenly she saw,
handsome, posh and loaded.
until he started to crawl,
shit, he’s a Fking lizard.

but the scales dont matter, the tail can wait.
everytime we kiss, his lips bleed.
times goes by, date after date.
oh but how i love those dorky lips.

as time went by, he gave her a visa mini,
a saxy convertible and genuine LV.
in his resort she lived in, even
the broom cupboard was larger than my toilet.

dorky taught her rugby,
and learnt how to style his hair like MTB.
soon they produced little offspring,
a cross between a lizard, giraffe and ostrich.


as i strum chords on my squash racket,
and melinda smashes those drumsticks.
cassy dreams about a resort she never had.
all this only remains in her head.
(unless we win AC idol…)


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