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when i arrived in the hall this morning, i was greeted with a slip of paper and chocolate. the slip of paper said ‘good morning chocolates!’ and on the flip side it had something about ‘vote us for council!’ and all the fellows’ names and voting numbers. not bad la, i give them credit for the chocolates. i managed to kope about 3 more chocolates from the vacant seats before assembly ended. good stuff.

come to think of it, the chocolates were peanuts. if i had come later, i would’ve gotten free milo, mars bars and chewy candy. dammit. now i know what time to come next year during council elections week.

free stuff isnt really what i intended to talk about anyway.

its amazing how people’s attitudes can suddenly change during the course of a campaigning week. a couple of them nominees, (some who never bothered being friendly with me before) flashed me the widest, most charismatic, charming and darlie-like smile in the course of the 4 months that they’ve ever seen me in college, Today.

well, not that i dont like the attention, but perhaps if they were smart enough to be this friendly with me a few months earlier, i wouldn’t have detected their insincerity, and actually considered voting for them. but right now, sorry. i’ve already got my list up, and it’ll take alot more winking and chocolates to get me to change my mind.

lol melinda had a similar experience with a guy who kept giving her the evil perverted eye. i suppose he doesnt know that its going to take a hell lot of eye-twitching to get someone to vote you for council. not unless you have charming good looks and a body to die for, that is.

throughout the course of the day, the nominees would give out little flyers to advertise their voting numbers. and as they did, they would jab their blue nominee name tags so furiously that i seriously thought they were going to stab themselves with the closed safety pin.

everytime someone shoved me a sticker or a flyer, and jab their tags with mighty bull strength, i’d be forced to return their efforts with a sheepish ‘thank-you-i-will-try-to-remember-you‘ smile and walk off hurriedly in case they detected the fakeness and decide to take back their chocolates.

one campaign poster that really struck me was the one with the LOST theme. they had their voting numbers arranged in the order similar to the set of numbers in the show. and on top of that was the 4 nominees posing some coolio pose like deserted people on an island. credits to the person with fabulous photoshop skillz of course. but its a unique idea, i wouldnt have thought of it.

then without fail, there are always the lozer posters. i remember one with 5 of the nominees’ faces, each of them promising to ‘let your voices heard’ and pledging for world peace. at least the posters with corny one-liners didnt do so badly. lol but i still cant get over the one poster in front of the water coolers that read: ‘have a free drink on us! and remember to vote for us! -funtastic 5ive’

lol if i were running for council. i’d go like ‘vote me because i would vote me too’ or ‘vote me because i went through all this shid interviews to come up with this dumb one-liner’

i guess its a good thing i didnt have the guts to sign up for council huh.


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