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yes i am up at such unearthly hours of the night typing a blog entry since i’ve neglected blogging in the past 4 days. its the workload i’m telling you. jc is taking a toll on me. what happened to all the lesson-ponning and canteen-partying with a bunch of very cool people?

in any case, our senior class took the trouble to organise a sji (senior junior interaction) thing for us tomorrow. a bbq nonetheless. i love bbqs when all i ever have to do at the bbq is to sit, eat, and zhao.

so much for a sji anyway. half the class isnt going to turn up because of various reasons like um, choir practise, church, football and football. football the most trivial reason. and unless you’re husband is david beckham, you can really afford to miss the match for some good class bonding. oh well. whatever makes people happy nowadays.

lol i think i remember blogging once about the senior who tossed the entire low hay onto the classroom floor at one of our attempts to have sji. quite the weirdo anyway. i really wanted to eat the pomelo and the salmon. and the next minute everything is sprawled on the floor. weirdo low hay-tosser shouted ‘fuck you. i’ll pay you back’, and walked off. the senior class rep went out to cry.

if tomorrow’s sji is going to be about tossing bbq chicken wings around and cussing ‘omgwtfbbq!’, then i think i’d better ta pao some of the good food fast enough, before i see it floating in the condo pool.


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