the bowling bagzzz incident

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(today my entry is themed: distress)

well the morning walk to the hall with shane was especially memorable- involving a bunch of 5 bowling bags, 4 guys and one damsel in deep distress.

for security (MY security. i dont want to be marked down and beaten up by people) i cant disclose the names of people involved.

anyway shane and i were walking to school. and on the way in there was a girl and a guy and a whole load of bowling bags.

if you remember, this girl was the same taitai who is proposing a party for all her voters.

returning back to my story, the girl was helplessly tugging at one of the bags and squealing. she called out to the guys walking with us to help her drag the bags in. and shane being the gentleman as always, went over to help. so 4 guys each took one bowling bag while the damsel herself struggled to drag one.

i tried to be helpful by asking of the guys if he needed help. but noooo. chivalry reigns, no way was he going to relent to the weight of the mighty bowling bag. so much for being experienced in lugging gen’s bowling bag around (and acting like a stewardess) whenever she brought her killer-whale-of-a-bag to school. like sharon would say:
his LOSS man.

you should have seen the grand entrance of the damsel-boy entourage , with me lagging awkardly behind of course. haha quite good publicity i must say. riding on the ribbons. lol privte joke, i apologise.

if damsel reads this, she is so going to shoot me a dirtier look next time.

bio prac was also quite amusing. amid all the stress and confusion over stagger timing, ronald ran up to miss azlina halfway through, deeply distressed. ‘madam! help me!’ all of us spun around and saw that in his hand he was holding a test-tube. only that there was a dropper stuck in the test-tube. lol honestly i cant imagine how he couldve done it. but he must have used brute strength to add starch to the amylase solution. lol.

so chivalrous kenny pulled out the dropper with his nimble fingers and ronald went back to finish his experiment.

the moral of the story?
when in need,
be in company of chivalrous men.


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