voting me for council

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its quite a relief that they didnt allow friend-nominations for council this year. otherwise im sure id be faced with the fear of rejection and gruelling interviews all because, for some strange reason, cassy thinks im capable of councilhood.

im sure she would have made a grave mistake in thinking that, considering how my prefectship in ij wasnt the most memorable experience. for both myself and the people i booked. lol.

anyway i hear you get to vote for 5 people each, which is a little too much i think. i only have 3 people i need to vote for.
one: aileen,
two: sonia,
(we need the IJ dominance for sure!)
three: shane

so ill leave the other 2 votes for campaigning week to see who will:

1. give me the most number of sweets

2. give me the largest amount of cash. i hear a certain young taitai running for council is throwing a huge party, for her voters i expect. though i think she wouldnt need it since her looks will immediately get her sufficient votes from the lovestruck male population.

3. give me the impression that voting for them would be the best decision i’ve ever made in my life.

in any case, i hope a certain group, inclusive of overachievers(because these people should be made human)/cmi lozers/flirts/rich taitai(s) dont make it to council. for now, lets assume that the interviewers were equippied with the ability to spot the moles out of the lot and kick them out faster than you can say
‘vote me pls!’

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