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im down with the damn flu again. i swear it must be the effects of doing project work.

flu = lack of mood to blog

and also because my school life has been far too interesting to put into words. haha i wish. the following however, goes to sum up my unaccomplished school life.

1. good view* hasnt asked me out yet

2. neither has amylose* or korean pornstar* or bab1* or bab2*

3. i have yet to pick up a 60 GB ipod video that someone left behind in the classroom. the closest ive been to one is when melinda listen to hers next to me during chinese.

4. i have not topped a single common test. by the way, i got 10/20 for chem and 16/25 for maths. for both tests, almost 2/3 of my class got As.

5. i harbour suicide thoughts because my brain is not big enough but im too hum ji to jump from the sky garden.

6. omg im pathetic. do i really have to continue?

*- for me to know, for you to go and find out (:


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