pi suxxors

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i join in together with the hoarde of junior college students in lamenting about the stupid thing they call ‘preliminary ideas’.

pi truly bears the essence of the phrase: ‘fuck it’

anyway there was bio mock spa today. i went home smelling of yeast. but it was pretty fun. after i finished bullshitting about non-existant anomalous results, i decided to make more yeast-algunin beads to play with. really, they are quite bouncy and nice to poke at. like sago seeds, except if you ate one of them you’d probably land yourself up in the A&E ward.

i should sleep. sleep is scarce now when you hit the sad age of 17 – all for the wrong reasons. lack of sufficient sleep can still be justified with a healthy nightlife. but when you are spending your nightlife doing stupid project work, you really ought to be shot.

and im speaking incoherrently. so goodnight.


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