table hijackers

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its been happening for far, far too long and obviously, someone needs to put a stop to it. i have no balls even to kill a cockroach. therefore the purpose of this blog entry is for somone eLsE manly enough to put an end to this.

table hijacking. im sure you have experienced this once or twice in your lifetime. you wont be spared even if you are cool. remember, there are always the clueless who occasionally wander into your territories.

the thing i dont understand about these hijackers is, dont they feel weird?

you see bags lined up on the benches, obviously belonging to at least 4 people. not only do you move the bags to a corner, you plop your stuff and your hugeass onto the bench, and get your entire loser clique to come over. and when the people who first sat there return with food, you dont even give two fucks to apologise to them.

once, at least about 7 of us choped the table with our bags and went to get food. and when we came back, wtf! all our bags were thrown onto the floor, and a whole bloody class was sitting at our table. wah major TEMPER la, though i didnt like try head butting any of them off. otherwise it would be messy. besides, i really wanted to sit and eat my chicken rice.

today, again we lined our stuff on the benches before going to get pocky to eat. when we came back, some guy happily dumped his stuff there and was sitting at our table alone. okay la after all, he was alone and quite sad-looking so we left him to eat his food in peace. at least he had the courtesy to leave once he was done.

the worst yet, was when we were seated so strategically in the void deck, such that all eye candy was within 2 metre radius. after we finished eating, we went to return out plates and when we got back, basket! three assholes chucked our bags in a corner and sat there. even when we stood in front of them, they refused to budge. so WE had to take our stuff and leave. assholes la. too bad i dont recognise them because theyre lozers. otherwise i’ll totally flash them a dirty look next time.

i concluded that there are only 3 ways to deal with table hijackers, depending on how hum ji you are :
1. headbutt them and their chicken rice away
2. sit with them and loudly mention how much you really feel like headbutting someone now.
3. walk away


haha i watched rugby match, ACJC vs MI, today. half the time i didnt know what was happening, only that AC won, by a lot. lol. and while all the confusion was on the field, i was observing the reserves and waterboys sitting outside.

i must say, the waterboys really have a shit job. they jog to and from sports complex to refill the ruggers’ bottles. during breaks, they have to run to the ruggers and give them their bottles. and after the ruggers are done drinking, some of them simply throw their bottles onto the grass for the waterboys to pick. wah piang, what diginity-depleting job. throw on the grass nevermind. when they throw, all the remaining water spills out. and the waterboys have to refill the bottles again.

reserves had their own sort of drama going on. actually pretty much all of them had the same look on their faces ‘shit. why didnt i get to play.’

amid the angst, korean pornstar (kps), from my previous entry, still maintained his sense of gay humour. he was standing with the reserves and resting his arms on another rugger’s (lets call him mr jay, for obvious reasons lol) shoulders. suddenly, kps moved his hand to grope one of mr jay’s butt cheeks. mr jay spun around to grin at kps before reaching his own hand behind to feel his own buttcheek, checking for its tautness. HA. talk about real brokeback action man. no wonder they werent allowed to play in the rugby match.

haha what a long long entry.
happy holidays!


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