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because i had to study for econs, i didnt get the chance to watch the entire miss sg universe. lol but this year’s contestants are expectedly, disappointing. even fhm girl next door’s contestants are chao prettier and hawter.

then again, it takes more than balls (thus, miss sg universe) to get up there, act pretty, be pretty, wear slinky swimwear in front of the pervy male mc who says the same thing every year (that the temperature in the auditorium rises every time it comes to swimswear section), and answer stupid questions with stupid model answers without sounding like a robot.

the last bit, alot of contestants cannot do. it was painful watching a couple of them answer questions. to the question of whether local men are better than foreign men, all of them stuck to the safe side and said that local men were better, afraid that theyd be labelled sarong party girls. one even quipped that all her ex-boyfriends were local. and even though they were short and plump, she loved them anyway. so then why, were they your ex-boyfriends? that sub-standard justification simply didnt link back to the question asked.

okay la i dont be so ngiaow. well i thought jade seah would win anyway. because she looks like a sex-cat. still, its such a waste of people taxes to send sg girls to miss universe since they never ever get through the first round. lol not even bronze medal dammit.

to think that when i was young, innocent and stupid, i actually wanted to take part in miss sg universe. now not only did puberty destroy my dreams (stuck at 163cm, i do not meet the 165cm height restriction), but that experience at grad night last year is enough to put me off anything that requires me prancing about in front of an audience, much less prancing around in skimpy bikinis. eyesore pandemic man!


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