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after school SC2 headed to holland v (my first time there loL!) for abit of class bonding. haha for the first time, we had a super successful class outing, where just about 3/4 of the class turned up. strangely enough though, the person who organized it couldnt make it because he got sick. lol.

thats besides the point. class outing was damn fun. we ate at swensons, split into 2 rows of tables because obviously, swensons didnt have tables for 23 people. after all the eating, the games started. first it was some dumb minesweeper guess-the-number game. the person who got jacked had to drink a weird concoction which was made up of melted chocolate ice-cream (at least thats what it looked like after the mixing) with ketchup and tata sauce. haha vivian, joel and jasmine got their golden moment to drink that shit.

afterwards we got bored so cassy, dawn, melinda, joel, vivian, zhong khoo and i decided to play a dumb game of truth or dare. actually it was mostly dares. vivian had to go up to one of the waitresses to ask if she could wear her specs. when it came to my turn, zhong khoo told me to go up to some SC1s sitting at a nearby table, grab their tray of fries and walk away. all without speaking a word to them. the look on their faces as i lifted the fries stand and walked off was priceless. haha and then next was zhong’s turn. so we dared him to call jerrold, confess that hes brokeback-gay and ask him on a date. LOL

plan didnt quite work because jerrold wasnt free. aw.

dammit i really should have brought my camera. joel and zhong were at party with us when they decided to try on wigs. so joel wore an afro one while zhong had the hobo-pirate cap with long, curly hair trailing from it. bloody funny shit. im so going to get the picture infra-redded to me.

anyway, im actually beginning to think that pe is going to do me good. im quite sure that if ac were to give us circuit training every damn week, i’ll have abs like fergie from black eyed peas and look like a man.


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