arentd ve kool?

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big lawl! during the second break of school, we ran all the way to the void deck to slam down our stuff to get food. afterwards, when we came back with our plates, we noticed that the rest of SC2, being the innocent young things that they are, and totally unaware of the rules of the void deck, were sitting right smack at the h20 polo table.

like omg!

cassy wanted to move because of obvious reasons. at first i was abit hesistant on moving because it’d be super extra. but then good view came along and plonked himself on the table behind the h20 polo table. so i hurried the rest and we got our stuff to move over. lawl!

best break ever, i tell you!

when we went to return our plates and returned, our table was hijacked by a couple of them cool-things. (because well, i told you, they are allocated 2 rows of tables to fit their enormous clique. 1 row isnt quite enough.) so of course, we had no balls to go back and sit there la.

in other events, during chem lab today, the all-time famous mr borris came in to relief our teacher because she was absent. this mr borris is young enough to be your boyfriend, chinese, tall, well-built, smart and strikingly handsome. or so says me. although i feel too much of the good stuff makes him too perfect till the point of imperfection. if you get what i mean.

anyway while he was briefing us on the procedures, i was watching the people walking past our lab. and as they did (of course im referring to the girls), they’d look in. and when they had spotted borris, they would turn and smile slyly to each other. i mean smiling to their friends and not to borris. borris remained totally oblivious to the attention he received 2 metres from the teachers bench.

lol he’ll be taking us again for chem tutorial tomorrow.


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