handstands, headstands

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international friendship day concert was 70% a flop haha. though i gotta give them the credit for taking the time to put up the concert so that we can miss lessons. like i always say, a chance to miss lessons is always a good chance. lol.

the fashion show was just about the best item out of the whole substandard performance. haha jasmine represented our class and wore this really saxy cheongsam oozing with SAXness. hahaha she already looked good from the front and when she turned around, her back looked even hawter because the cheongsam was almost bareback. as she turned, you could hear the entire hall plus LT 1 errupt into a deep chorus of ‘woahhh..’ mostly baritone voices from the guys of course. i bet at that moment zhong khoo really felt like kicking himself for not volunteering to go up there to be her partner.

afterwards as i was walking around with jasmine before squash, lol at least 6 people came over her to compliment her performance. the rest all simply stared at her as she walked by, mystified.

dammit if i wore a bareback cheongsam ill totally cause a sore eye pandemic. but BUT, any chance to miss lessons is a good chance. haha! im so representing SC2 for international friendship day next year.

okay i am joking. ha ha.

and during PE we continued with the gymnastics module from last week. try picturing 28 people rolling around trying to do handstands and headstands. today i went home to practise my headstand and i rolled off my bed onto the cold hard floor. talk about unglamness. sigh.

squash, on the other hand, was monotonous. still got pwned but luckily it wasnt so embarrassing compared to the first training. anyway carrying the sax racket around school felt pretty good haha. im sure its saxness kind of rubbed off on dawn and cassy too because they all wanted to feel what it was like carrying the sax racket. lol im getting a new racket anyway because this racket isnt mine. but ill make sure its even saxier than this one (:


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