footprints on the ceiling

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maths lecture was pretty much the most memorable moment of today. as usual, everyone was getting bored by all the rattling and droning on of the lecturer. so of course, zhong khoo, or was it jonan, (both whom i suspect have serious ADD) wrote something on a piece of paper before passing it around. at first when cassy got the note, zhong khoo and joel were all laughing their butts off. so when she passed me the note, i opened it to see what the hype was all about.
the note read:

there are footprints on the ceiling.
pass this down.

wtf okay i swear i knew it was a joke but i had to be sure right? i mean what the hell, footprints on the ceiling as high as the one in LT1 can be funny what, maybe thats what they were laughing about. basket. the moment i strained my neck to look up, the guys behind burst out into laughter again.

the note got passed on along the row to the rest of our class. and about half of them took to straining their necks to check for non-existent footprints, before realising it was a practical joke. lol! kind of late for april fools, you think?

then cassy passed the slip of paper to some stranger guy in front. he, like everyone else, looked up and turned back around to ask cassy ‘where got?’. but of course, we were throwing laughing fits so we didnt answer him. and that weirdo turned back to scribble something on the same slip of paper. afterwards he passed it back to us. it read below the first message:

there is money at your dick. look down.

wtf noob. cant even take a bloody joke.

anyway it was quite amusing la. you probably had to be there to get what im talking about. you could predict that i left the lecture knowing that there werent footprints on the ceiling, and feeling absolutely clueless about partial fractions.


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