punkd haha

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amidst all the homework completion, i managed to have time to fool just one person. and that is none other than cassy, who was only too gullible to believe that i saw dorky and his mysterious girlfriend holding hands at the macritchie bus stop. i could almost hear the sound of her fragile heart crashing into a million pieces the moment she read my sms. all for good fun anyway.

for the rest of the day i kept away from msn and replied minimal smses. voila! did not get punkd at all. there are days to do homework and days to socialise. april fools day is just one day you should pile on the homework and be as reclusive as possible.

omg writing up on preliminary ideas is really pissing the shit out of me. i swear moe’s ulterior motive for coming up with pw is so that they can freeload ideas on how to develop the country without hiring and paying professionals to do the brain storming for them. not only do they not pay JC kids to do the thinking, we have to PAY them because they’re going to judge us on our ideas.

what is all this unfairness?


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