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ive been genuinely busy, not having some hawt date with some hawtstuff and therefore, have been neglecting my blog. haha, though i wish it were the case.

firstly there was bio pre-test. thats a class test before the common test. whatever la i still screwed it. actually if you didnt measure my marks relative to the rest of my class, you would have thought i did pretty alright. then if you did, you could just as well say that i was pwnedxzxzxz.

you tell me! how to match up against people who bring chinese and english dictionaries to school? how to match up against people who whip out their notes (as if it were a reflex action) the moment they find a seat at the canteen table? how to match up against people who join library, maths and science council, basketball, gardening and still have time to top the class for bio? how to match up against people who sleep every lesson, slack off doing homework, and get the same score as me for a test? HoW hOw HOW!

okay cut the angst, i will proceed to tell you about my experience in interact club. by the way, i did intend to stay. like for about 2 days. then when cip started, or rather, almost started – it started raining so the thing was cancelled. i just couldnt see myself doing this for 2 more years. so im going back to good ol’ squash. maybe strengthen my weak chicken arms so i can do 11 pull ups to get C for IPU. fuck la they doubled the requirements to get C. i only can do 5, to get me a bronze.

haha besides, cassy pointed out that carrying a squash racket to school would look so much cooler. imagine if you see a badminton racket, you’ll be like ‘aww boring’. if you saw a tennis racket, you’ll go ‘passe!’ and if you see a squash racket, ‘WOAH SAX!!’

also, i found myself being absolutely reluctant to tell people i was in interact club. no offence to interacters (or whatever shit they call themselves).

so anw i finally got my new class picture. the people really are quite a cool bunch, if you take away the 2 dictionaries. lol.

Image hosting by Photobucket
(click to enlarge)

poor zhong khoo and brenda were omitted from the picture thanks to miss yeo’s l33t camera skillz. lol. so thats 7 guys minus amozquito (he was transferred to SD1) and 21 girls.

so that about sums up my busy busy week. of course, there are pieces of random jokes from this week alone. just give me about a day to recall all of them and ill blog again. haha, thats if studying for chem test and completing weekend homework isnt too time-consuming.


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