THE void deck

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lol i swear the void deck is my favourite place to sit down and do work. okay maybe not do work because i wont be able to concentrate. but the best thing about the void deck is that the seating plan is unique to each social status.

and really, most of the time, you wont be sitting at the void deck because you are
1) having yong tau foo
2) too cool for the void deck
3) in the library

i like my yong tau foo very much. but i make sure i swap to the void deck once i’m done. ha ha.

well anyway, as i was saying. seating arrangement at the void deck is an unspoken agreement between the different social status of kids.

and by the way, dont start flaming me because i wrote this. this is entirely my opinion and may differ from person to person. so if you dont agree, just take it with a bowl of salt or whatever.

so heres a layout of the void deck. i know my drawing sucks. but if you should be able to visualize the damn thing.

to the bleachers
Image hosting by Photobucket
to the canteen

rectangles = tables,
white squares = vending machines

if you are cool. cool meaning you are:
1) from the high end of your single sex school (esp AC affiliated schools)
2) a rugger
3) a waterpoloer
4) a bf/gf of any of the above people
5) cute with a cute name like maybe, cherryline or chocoline. oh yea you gotta look pretty for the part too. otherwise you’d look totally screwed up.

you immediately get allocated a table in the cool section. which is um the 1/3 part of the void deck closest to the bleachers. if you fall under catagory 2, you get to sit in the blue box. because really, there arent alot of ruggers having recess together. if you have training then maybe you get 2 tables. if you fall under catagory 3, you get the yellow tables. why 2? because the waterpolo team doesnt just involve the guys but their waterpolo-wives as well. therefore, more tables to accomodate your clique.

the rules of the void deck? if you ever try trespassing into the cool section (inclusive of the pink regions) without having fulfilled any of the above requirements, be prepared to look like a total out-of-place loser.
not a very nice feeling, trust me.

so usually i sit in the grey area, my comfort zone. the closest i’ve ever been to major cool is like maybe 2 tables from the blues. its not bad though, sitting far off. because then you get to people-watch without making it too obvious. lol.

if you have a cute name and look cute. you dont really have to worry about where to sit. because wherever you go, you’d be surrounded by an entourage of boys. and probably half the guys fall under one of the above catagories so they’d be able to fly you to the cool continent. no probem at all.

as you can see, i’ve also highlighted 2 tables at the back end (near the toilets) purple. that is what id like to call, the ‘lovers tree’. not so much a tree, but you get the idea. anyway those tables are situated behind the pillar. therefore, if you dont want to get 6 demerit points for PDAing in school, best to sit at the lovers tree to do your thing. of course, remember that its one couple per table unless you’re on a double date.

this entry was such a waste of time. but i hope you liked it. haha. if your life’s mission is to do the colour transmission. good luck!


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