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i went for recreational squash training on wednesday, without a racket, without having held a squash racket in my entire life. so one word to sum up the session = noob. at least well, i managed to whack the ball quite occasionally. lol.

otherwise, it was mainly unglam and more unglam moments. even worse, the bloody training court had glass doors. so every-bloody-one could look in. it didnt help that the people looking in were the pro squash team people (justin & co) when they dropped by to get their team shirts. and omg i had to be positioned directly nearest to the damn glass. and my balls kept rolling away near the glass doors. so i had to walk over and pick them up. so of course, i tried my hardest not to look at any of the sniggering pros. sigh how embarrassing.

and because i dont have a squash racket, i have to get one. but i doubt my passion for squash will burn for 2 years straight. therefore i have decided not to sign up for squash. also because well, its recereational and will not appear on my testimonial at all.

so i guess its back to interact club, after all the shit i said about quitting it. thats 2 more years of tolerating the ‘i-want-world-peace, cip ❤ !' crap. yea well what the hell, im 17 and when you are 17 you should probably do humanity good. so when i go to NUS pharmacy (haha yes im going to be the one issuing you pills next time so you better be good to me) they will love me and give me priority into their faculty over my horrid A level results. all because i was in interact club.

you see now? the benefits of far sight?

there was a chemistry test today anw. tycoed my way through it and if everything goes well i’d lose 3 marks out of 13. haha. not bad la. my last maths test i got 8/15.

wah lao kns today’s 40 mins PE wasnt mass PE anymore. but it was just as bad, if not worse. lets just say that, if i kept up this routine for 3 more months, i’d have abs like jessica alba. but 3 more months of this routine and i’d be shipped off to IMH for extreme peeyeephobia. (PE phobia)

at the end of PE i had the bitter taste of alcohol in my mouth = lipids oxidised! or whichever. must be a good sign anyway- all my mexican half-cut wings burning off (:

bio test to study for this weekend. lol that 4 kg textbook-possible murder weapon i bought might do me abit of good.

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