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haha so yesterday i said that i was tired but i ended up watching dumb videos on you-tube. first it was some video i got to while friendster surfing, of this AC J2 guy shaking his booty in the cafe to my humps. lol! i went to search somemore videos, and found another AC video where again, another J2 pretended to jump off the sky garden while his friend dramatically tried to rescue him.

haha im not sure if directly copying the link here will get me or them into trouble. but if you want to, you can search you-tube for ‘the fall’ and ‘my humps’. funny shit.

and if you’re smart enough to know where to link, you can probably find some more other dumb ac videos. otherwise you can just get them from me.

well and so i tried searching for cjc videos because i heard that there was a candid video circulating the net. about a bunch of councillors doing stupid stuff. i think they were trying to see who could slide down the slope in a trolley the fastest or something. which is actually funny if you watch it probably. too bad i cant find it haha.

then i went on to search for sajc. omgwtfLOL i saw clarence! i didnt realise it was him dirrty dancing with some other guy in 1 video. haha then i saw another video on a class play on parenting. omg really him. ha!

even better, i saw the rjc gp teacher video. the one where she was under fire for degrading the poor kid and tearing up his gp homework, dismissing it as ‘nonsense’. wah the boy really kenna like hell. her scolding lasted 5 minutes. lol and the guy recording the video was super paranoid. the camera started shaking everytime the teacher turned to look in his direction. and in the background you could hear him going ‘shit shit’. but ultimately he still has the balls to do it. haha. that video you can find when you search ‘rjc’. its entitled ‘mad gp teacher ho por fun’. lol.

anyway you-tube is very entertaining.
you should you-tube too!

lol theres a guy in my class called amoz. during chem tutorial we were all sitting around doing nothing since our teacher didnt come. so i decided to ask amoz if he knew about the knock knock joke.

knock knock.
whos there?
amoz who?
a mozquito!

haha i know its mosquito but its funnier with the zzz noise that the mosquito apparently makes. or was that a bee?

anyway that sums up my gloomy tuesday.


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