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omg i felt super stupid the moment i tried my luck at viewing my old url. turns out it was only down for a day. i will never trust my kanchiong nerves ever again.

so i spent about 15 minutes getting around to everyones tagboard and telling them to un-relink. i guess my holidays arent really working out the way it should be.

furthermore, i got a haircut. just in case, you know, the dm decides that girls should pay 6 bucks to get an awful haircut by the noob barber when term starts. lets just say my new haircut wouldn’t have differed much if i’d gotten it cut by the noob barber. having a screwed haircut is definitely a bad way to start term 2.

you know, a paper bag over my head just might do the trick. then i can hide in the library (tamil section) the whole day, only emerging for lectures and tutorials.

anyhow, my dad went for some old boys lunch with all his ex-secondary school classmates. haha uncles party, i call it.

lol i wonder what we’d all become 40 years down the road. i know for one, moosa will proably be a mother of 12, considering how active her sex life will be LOL. jessie the nun? haha gen the accomplished musician (click). manda ang would have dated 60 men and finally settle down with 2 of them. weixin might have organised about 10 feminist rallies and would be writing a novel entitled ‘female rights! burn bras!’.

lets see, we have siti, who would’ve finally won a recording contract after participating in 3 singapore idol competitions. and lynette, ex-miss singapore universe. celine choe the pornstar haha! ds would ironically be the most normal one i think, apart from that aussie accent and that hawt angmoh boyfriend. (joking, sean. chill)

exciting! i cant wait to have ogl (old girls lunch) 40 years from now. haha and well as for what i’d be: maybe a PHd holder in neurochemical engineering in physical sciences, with insanely thick glasses and no social life, unless you take into account the one time i ever attended an underaged party.
i might even be married to edison chen. HO!


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