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i have no idea what happened to my old url.

some techy-savvy spammer probably blocked everyone out of my blog, including me. lol if i ever find out who that is,
i’ll SO take you down bitch.

anyway ill let you know if i can relocate my old url, though i doubt it’ll be coming back to me anytime soon. tragic demise of the blog i only started a year back ):

i guess its goodbye to muckysock and hello to peestanding.

on a brighter note, i’ve had people who went for the zouk party tell me about their experiences. i say, pretty cool! fun amid all the groping, the queuing, the bouncing (haha they bounce kids under 16) and the pickpocketing. lol i just might drag my lazy butt down for the next underaged party.

enjoy the rest of your holidays. they’re probably better than mine.


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