march 16

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yesterday joe fai scared the shit out of me by reminding me about term exams in 4 weeks time. he even added that he was going to bring all his lecture notes on his trip to hong kong to mug.

so today i fished out my bio notes and mugged the whole of cell structure. actually im left with centrioles and ribosomes but its not a bad achievement, considering all the months of brain inactivity. later i have maths tuition and chem tys to do. lol yes the magic word, TYS. its not mine anyway.

march 16 is approaching. boy am i glad that i dont have to wreck my brains on what to wear, how to get there (i still have no idea where zouk is), or what to tell my parents – because im not even going lol.

anyway kids going for march 16,
stay safe, dont get drunk on sprite, dont try to get your friends drunk on sprite, dont hook up with acne-populated teenage boys, cab home if you drink (yes even if its just sprite), and always remember: no sex is safe sex!


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