long distance running

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of all days to pon pe, i decided not to today.
and we had to do long distance running.
shit it was at least 3 km plus!

first there was the warm up, which was a run around the campus. that was still okay. although, as we were running past the canteen everyone in there turned to laugh at us. i dont even need to mention the reaction when we ran past the void deck. haha but terry pang got laughed most at, by his cool friends. perhaps not so cool for him after all. lol, unglam for all of us anyways.

after a 1 minute break, we headed for the intermediate run. which really, was a run to around the outside of school, all the way past fairfield and back to the main gate again. shit that was a little more strenous. melinda had her motivation to run from random ‘JJ d’jus’ billboards, while dawn had a sick desire to run faster after passing eva longoria’s advert. i simply kept my eyes on the floor to prevent myself from tripping. and well, i was silent throughout the damn run to preserve whatever little stamina i had left.

third run was after a pathetic 5 minutes break. by then, i was already thinking about ponning and going for make-up lectures. but unlike the wimpy joshua who left for make-up physics lecture (which is totally bull because he isnt planning to take physics), i stayed.

this time around, we ran the whole of stupid dover road. the end of the route was at the bus stop after school. torturous shit man. it didnt help that gerald soo, melinda, dawn and lily were shouting AC cheers from the back. and there i was already on the verge of fainting, having no more stamina left. gerald soo the guy who has stamina the size of america, kept buzzing around telling everyone to hurry up. i know he means well but when you’re all tired and frustrated, you really could do without someone popping around showing how fit he is and your not.

after 12 and a half minutes of running, we finally reached the damned bus stop. oh god you wont believe how relieved i was.

not bad la, quite a commendable effort, unlike wimping wimp joshua. like that how to buaya?

well today was such a sentimental day. so after school, dawn, melinda, cassy, zihui, suyin and me stayed to eat yong tau foo in the canteen. actually, i always insist on sitting at the void deck – because thats the cooler part of the canteen, and also to feed my people-watching hobby. but nooooooooo, they wanted to sit in the canteen. well anw if you order yong tau foo, its best you sit as close to the stall as possibly. cos its bloody impossible to carry hot soup and a bowl of rice with chopsticks and a spoon over a long distance. something or someone is bound to fall over.

anyway yong tau foo is officially my favourite after roast duck rice. but then roast duck rice sells only on mondays and wednesdays, which is stupid really. but yong tau foo is better because its healthy!

after we were done, cassie and i decided that we were going to be cool so we persuaded everyone to move over to the void deck. there was where we spent the next 2 hours mucking around. sji aaron was in the opposite table playing ‘more than words’ on his guitar, but was too shy to come over and play for us. halfway, cassy tripped over her long legs and fell unglamly onto the bench diagonally behind her. bloody funny.

we finally decided to go home at 3.45pm lol

anw pls pls come down to town tomorrow, i’ll be flag selling for interact club. (big mistake. im going to quit like, soon.)


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