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lao shi didnt turn up to class today. and we were all too happy to spend 40 minutes of chinese rotting away in 4.12. so we were bored and joshua decided to be witty by giving me the idiots test. i got 1/5. therefore that means im an idiot. lol.

afterwards we were comparing hand sizes. turns out i have the largest palm and fingers. well if i were a guy…(you know what they say about guys with long fingers right? lol) anyway i told melinda in a very matter of factly manner, that if her palm was larger than her face she’d get cancer in the near future. so of course, she obediently put her palm to her face. and i whacked it HARD! hahaha we laughed our asses off to that.

well so after school i stayed back with melly, because i had to wait for my OG to take an OG picture. major spas la only 7 people turned up. so eugene snapped a couple of gay and unglam shots. thats probably gonna end up in the orientation CD. not cool.

heres one with all of us doing neoprint poses. the wind got bloody strong towards the end of the selftimer’s 10 secs, so i was wrestling to get my hair in the correct position. thus, explaining the screwed up face haha.

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