2nd orientation!

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orientation PAWNED!

my cheeks are rosy from being sunburnt but im not complaining. in fact, i’ve never felt so happy to get under the sun. pity the games weren’t exactly dirty or wet. the worst one was the starch-glue shit they dumped on all of us at the end. really bad, that one. but loved the feeling anyway.

5 cool people joined our OG. really fun bunch of girls haha: lydia, lysia, michelle bay and stefanie. my social circle is expanding at an alarming rate. speaking of alarming, when i was going home, i walked past sharmeen alam. (lol alarm) she was from my primary school and i didnt think she’d recognise or even remember me so i saved myself the embarrassment by not approaching her to say hello. lol and well she came up to me today and said that she was dying to ask if i was michelle law. haha surprise surprise, i guess i dont look so different from primary four.

74-ed today with THE clan, of course, with the addition of hendryk. well he isnt such a morning person so i never talked to him. (in case he tempered and slammed me against the bus window)

haha then before assembly in the hall, hendryk asked me where his brother went. and darren was hovering around us so hendryk turned to him and asked if he had seen shane. darren, being absolutely clueless about shane having a twin brother, thought hendryk was trying to be funny. lol so his face was totally blank, almost like being stumped at an extemely difficult bio question. i guess hendryk realised why, and went ahead to introduced himself before walking off cos he’d spotted shane. lol darren’s face was still retained at that priceless clueless look even after hendryk walked off.

i hate to say this,
but im really going to miss orientation truckloads.

omg omg i must say this. during finale i was sitting with ting ting and joshua was behind us. then he tapped ting ting on the back. so she turned around and he said, ‘eh there’s something in your eye…its called a retina.’ LOL

one still not enough you know. he went on to ask her if her father was a terrorist. because she was the bomb. LOL!!

i was laughing my butt off dammit! such loser tactics hahaha! i cant believe he actually used my pick up lines. lol when ting ting was totally diaozed, joshua said to me disappointedly, ‘wah lao, its seriously not working eh.’


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