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shit. new intake has just as few boys compared to girls. so i guess thats 2 more years in a convent then.

anyway, i have a joke. haha. i know people like cassie will not appreciate my joke because i tell you, they have no sense of humour. actually its not my joke. its my mum’s joke. but then again, she took the joke from the new paper. so its not really any of our jokes. but its still a joke, so just read the damn thing and pretend to laugh even if its not funny.

3 lawyers and 3 engineers went for a holiday to malaysia. when they got on board, the 3 lawyers realised that the 3 engineers only bought one ticket. curious, they decided to watch how the engineers could escape the ticket warden.

before the train departed, the 3 engineers excused themselves and went into one restroom. the lawyers then watched as the ticket warden approached the restroom and knocked on the door. ‘ticket please’. then one hand emerged from the restroom and handed over the ticket. the ticket warden examined the ticket and handed it back to the engineer’s hand.

the 3 lawyers thought the engineers’ idea was ingenius and decided to try it on the trip back.

however, before boarding the return train home, the 3 lawyers realised that the engineers didnt buy a single ticket. so they asked them how they were going to escape this time around. the engineers told them smugly, ‘you’ll see’.

so before the ticket warden came, the 3 lawyers went into a restroom while the 3 engineers went into another. then, one engineer emerged from the restroom and walked to the lawyer’s restroom. he knocked on the door and asked, ‘ticket please’.

anyway woopie! one day of orientation with the second intake people tomorrow! (: any opportunity to get down and dirty and miss lessons is an opportunity not to be wasted! oh well still, kevin bai ka broke his leg and cant play any games so bummer for him. husni left for jjc so no more funtime shoot shag marry. i guess im only left with ting ting then. 5 new people are coming though, 4 girls and 1 guy.

this is a sign from the higher powers,
that i should turn lesbian.


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