wished ac was rj club

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i didnt expect much of a surprise (neither good or bad) when i went online to check my jae postings this morning. although actually, i’ve been rather paranoid in the past week, and even more so when i bought 2 more sets of the AC uniform. so i kept pulling out my printed submitted jae application a couple of times to check that i did put 22S ACJC science in the first choice. well of course i did, otherwise i’d have jumped a mile if it had been any other schools.

and im relieved to say that i had indeed been posted to ACJC and thankfully, that im not suffering from any form of dyslexic condition or a chronic disease that causes me to hallucinate.

well li ru the 9 distinctions commonwealth top scorer from my class is probably headed to HCJC. and then andrea and kaye are headed to RJC. lol when i heard about the latter news, i felt kind of bitter. somehow you never ever stay satisfied with what you have. just like how my mum wanted me to try for NJC and VJC. but dammit RJC is like 10 mins away from my place!

anyway yesterday we had new additions to our 74 bus riders. yea i know i talk a great deal about my bus rides. but seriously, they are really more blog worthy than most of the things that i have to talk about. okay i digress. lol sharon called me when she got to the bus stop and had some mysterous speaker say ‘hello’ on the phone. then she made me guess who. i couldnt think of an answer because the speaker was male and i dont know of alot of guys from ac who live near me. haha turns out its shane tan. so four of us (including meow boy justin) talked through the whole 74 ride. and once jae starts, hendryk tan will join our little clan. a clan i’d like to call, the wish-RJ-and-AC-could-swap-places clan, for the lack of a better word.

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