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i swear LT 1 is like a super bad luck place. everytime i sit there for an important occasion i feel like peeing so badly. and everytime i leave for the toilet and come back, i get into trouble. okay maybe it wasnt sooo bad but the scolding from that ngiaow teacher was already embarrassing enough. i really should have gone by the other exit and get sent to the holding room afterwards instead, so that i can waste the rest of boring founders day away talking.

haha and since everyone was in uniform today, it was major camera whoring day. thus, explaining the newly uploaded pictures.

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haha cam-whoring

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sharon, myself and stupid sean tan in the background

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sarah and me

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dawn, me and cassie

after school we went to get our free coke lime: AC seriously racks in sponsers from anywhere and everywhere. hopefully by the next founders day, ben and jerrys will bring in free cone day. maybe even louis vuitton might drop by to hand out free monogram leather pouches for ipods.

then about half of SC2 trooped off for our 2nd little class outing. i should stress on ‘little’ more than than ‘class’ outing. anyway we trained all the way to cine.

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on the train to town

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me and cassie at cine

over there we ate at pastamania. as usual, AC pwned orchard. sharon abandoned me for her OG. but all of us ended up watching Final Destination 3 in the same theatre.

shit FD3 is one bloody gory show. its gory such that ita scary. wtf and this time around i had no one to cling onto for dear life. on my left was macho joe fai the ex sji rugger, and on my left was andrea, who was really engrossed in the show. lol anyway i was still pretty brave okay. i endured the cold chilling cinema all by myself and sat through at least half of the gory scenes before i decided my puma bag on the floor was going to come into good use. so i picked it up and watched the rest of the movie, peeking from the side and darting back behind my bag during the scary scenes.

when i picked up my bag, i saw joe fai looking over. well, he probably decided that my initiative was a good idea. so he picked his bag up too, and watched the rest of the movie clutching onto it for his dear macho-rugger life. lol!

well this time, i didnt hear any sharon scream. haha.

okay for full pictures of today (which isnt alot) click here


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