ac unislutform

woah the AC uniform is real fun stuff man. wearing it felt so comfortable and um, surreal. my sec 1 fantasy has finally been fulfilled.

lol to my relief, justin meowboy came up the bus and he also had his AC uniform on. (definitely alot better-looking than his oldie sji uniform) haha and so did all the other J1s who got onto 74. thank goodness, otherwise i’d look super extra.

well damn, sharon easily beat me at the shortest skirt contest. and she’s been already blacklisted 2 hours into wearing the uniform. her skirt is so majorly short that without her fbts, you’d be able to look up the entire universe under her skirt.

melinda also joined the AC uniform wearers today (:

well i got generally good feedback about my AC look. so i guess i should be happy. haha. now, if only there was some way to getting my pathetic 1 set of uniform to dry by tomorrow so that i can wear it again. (:

lol today kevin hobbled into the hall with crutches and a thickly bandaged foot. so being curious, i went to investigate the cause of his injury. i asked him (which isnt really an intelligent thing to do) and he told me he fell while being chased by a giant cockroach, before proceeding to use his hands to give me a rough measurement of the supposedly MIB-sized cockroach. of course i didnt believe him so i asked if it had something to do with falling for a chiobu. he agreed to that too.

afterwards andrea chow told me he fell off the bleachers. i thought: omg loser. turns out she believed one of his conjured stories about his mysterious ankle too.

lol well the real reason, simple as it sounds and almost too good to be true, was that he fell on his ankle during basketball.

at the end of the day i saw him and his ankle again. his bandage-plaster was entirely covered with doodles and his toe nails were highlighted red.


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